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High value financial resources for business owners and managers in the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts markets.


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Managing a business is like trying to hit a moving target. Sometimes you need to step away to see the bigger picture and choose more wisely. All businesses need the counsel of an experienced, entrepreneurial financial leader. Yet many small businesses are stuck in a dilemma — they often need the help of a CFO, but cannot afford a full time executive.

CFO2higher exists to provide high value financial resources to business owners and managers in the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts markets. With expertise in multiple business sectors, CFO2higher targets businesses in the $5 to $75 million revenue range, or any business that cannot afford a full time CFO and/or Technology Advisor, and fulfills that function on a part-time, contract basis, at a fraction of the cost. By directly providing top level analytics and strategic planning and also connecting you to controllership and bookkeeping services, CFO2higher offers comprehensive solutions to your specific financial needs, strengthening your financial future at multiple levels.
CFO2higher, will focus on your priorities or distinguish them for you, and identify the “Anchor Metrics” that drive all your strategic plans and business initiatives. By bringing current and past operating results into focus, your envisioned future will be more clear, controllable, achievable, and stable.

CFO2higher is a boutique service that partners with select clients, where we can make the most positive contribution. Industry experience includes Manufacturing, Service, Retail, Distribution, Jewelry, Fashion, Food, Nonprofit, Financial Services, Mergers, Governance and Acquisitions, Financial Statement Preparation, and Audit Management.



Tel: 401-480-6945

Paul Oristaglio has held senior level financial leadership roles for over 35 years.  As the CFO for domestic and international companies ranging from $5 to $75 million in annual revenues, including his own, he specializes in small to medium sized business solutions. He has also worked with several larger companies as a strategic advisor or auditor.  Paul began his professional career with the international accounting firm of Price Waterhouse.  Although not in public practice, he still holds an active CPA license.  He attended Providence College on an academic scholarship, earning a basketball athletic scholarship, and graduating summa cum laude with a B.S. in Accounting and Business Management.

Knowing what it means to be a leader, a creator, a listener, and a key role player, Paul often provides strategic insights that are not readily apparent.  He has the experience to provide business solutions that support growth, analyze profitability and service life cycles, and resolve complex issues.  Let his diversified background as a CFO, COO, Technology Manager, and CPA for 35+ years become assets for you.

Giving Back

Paul’s commitment to community service has been lifelong, and includes visiting sick or disabled children and adults as a member of the Providence College basketball team, providing business counsel to students via the Junior Achievement Program, St. John’s Meals delivery for shut-ins, Mobile Loaves & Fishes meal delivery to the homeless in RI, and being active with Special Olympics Rhode Island as a fundraiser and money custodian for 30 years, for which he was honored with a special service award.  Currently, he serves on the BOD and as a volunteer for Good Neighbors, Inc., a 501 c) 3) charity that provides two meals every weekday as one of the only RI day shelters for the homeless, and secondarily serves as a food pantry for its surrounding community in East Providence.



In a nutshell, we offer financial and operational analytics, strategic planning, exit strategies, and other financial services that bring owners and business managers to higher ground.

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What people are saying about CFO2higher
"Paul Oristaglio has been a friend and business associate of mine for over 30 years during which I have held mid-level and senior sales and marketing positions in multiple industries. Whether I need personal advice or seek guidance at a corporate level, I have used Paul as my “go to” person for all things financial. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and amazingly precise when it comes to getting to the heart of the matter. I trust his judgment implicitly and particularly enjoy the fact that Paul consistently delivers multiple options to solving complex business and financial issues."

—  Kevin McCarthy, Marketing and Sales Manager
what peope are saying
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